Victim Assistance Program


The Indiana Constitution guarantees victims of crime fairness, respect, and dignity.  The Spencer County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is committed to providing assistance and services to victims of crime through our Victim Assistance Program.  The mission of this program is:

  • to help guide crime victims through the criminal justice system;
  • seek victim input and keep them informed of the status of their case;
  • to pursue restitution for lost or damaged property, medical bills and/or counseling services as provided by law; and
  • to assist victims in obtaining help from social service agencies.

  1. A victim has the right to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect throughout the criminal justice process.
  2. A victim has the right to be informed, upon request, when a person who is accused of committing or convicted of committing a crime perpetrated directly against the victim, is released from custody, or has escaped. This includes release or escape from mental health facilities.
  3. A victim has the right to have the victim’s safety considered in determining release from custody of a person accused of committing a crime against the victim.
  4. A victim has the right to information, upon request, about the disposition of the criminal case involving the victim or conviction, sentence, and release of a person accused of committing a crime against the victim.
  5. A victim has the right to be heard at any proceeding involving sentence or post-conviction release decision. A victim’s right to be heard may be exercised, at the victim’s discretion, through an oral or written statement, or submission of a statement through audiotape or videotape.
  6. A victim has the right to make a written or oral statement for use in preparation of the pre-sentence report. The victim also has the right to read pre-sentence reports relating to the crime committed against the victim in order that the victim can respond to the pre-sentence report.
  7. A victim has the right to confer with a representative of the prosecuting attorney’s office after the crime allegedly committed against the victim has been charged; before the trial of a crime allegedly committed against the victim; and before any disposition of a criminal case involving the victim. This right applies in the following types of cases:
    • Felony directly committed against the victim; or
    • Felony or misdemeanor against the person, (Battery, Domestic Battery, Aggravated Battery, Battery By Bodily Waste, Criminal Recklessness), Intimidation, Harassment, Invasion of Privacy, or Pointing a Firearm, and the offense was committed against the victim by a person who
      • Is or was a spouse of the victim,
      • Is or was living as if a spouse of the victim, or
      • Has a child in common with the victim.
    • For other misdemeanors, a victim must file a request for notice, which includes a current telephone number and address.
  8. A victim has the right to pursue an order of restitution and other civil remedies against the person convicted of a crime against the victim.
  9. A victim has the right to be informed of the victim’s constitutional and statutory rights.


Note– Each victim will receive a victim packet in the mail which must be returned indicating what services, if any, the victim wishes to receive. 

  • Each victim is kept informed of the upcoming court dates and potential plea offers.
  • The Victim Assistance Coordinator (VAC) can assist a victim who is seeking restitution for damages incurred.
  • We can help victims prepare for upcoming depositions and/or trial appearances.
  • The VAC can help victims fill out the necessary paperwork required to file for a Protective Order with the Court.
  • The VAC is also available to meet with victims, whether in the office, in court, or at the police or sheriff’s department.
  • We can refer victims to available counseling or other resources such as Crisis Connection in domestic violence cases.
  • We can assist victims in filling out an application for the Violent Crime Victim’s Fund.
  • We can assist victims with signing up to receive notifications when and offender is released from custody.


Kimberly Gibbs is the Coordinator of the Victim Assistance Program.  All victims and witnesses are encouraged to ask questions and to ask for help from the Victim Assistance Program by calling (812) 649-6038.  You can request assistance online by visiting our Contact page.  Find contact information for other agencies and organizations on our Victim Contact Directory page.


Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Crisis Connection, Inc.
Indiana Sex & Violent Offender Registry
Indiana SAVIN & Alert Notification Service (Statewide Automated Victim Information & Notification)
Indiana VINELink (Victim Information & Notification)
Spencer County CASA
Indiana Victim Rights Statutes (I.C. 35-40)
Indiana Criminal Justice Institute
Indiana Attorney General Victim Services