Child Support FAQs

Frequently Asked Child Support Questions

What is the Title IV-D Child Support Program?

Title IV-D of the Federal Social Security Act requires states to provide child support services. In Indiana, the Title IV-D Child Support Program is administered by the Department of Child Services (DCS), the Child Support Bureau (CSB), and is carried out locally by the county prosecutor’s office, the office of the county clerk and the courts.

What services can the Prosecutor’s Office provide?
    • Establish paternity
    • Perform genetic testing in paternity actions
    • Establish child support orders
    • Establish medical support orders
    • When appropriate, under federal and state law, file a petition to modify a child support order upon the request of the custodial or non-custodial party
    • Locate parents
    • Enforce child support orders
    • Process child support payments and monitor cases for compliance
    • Assist the other states to establish and enforce child support orders when a parent resides outside of Indiana
    • Provide referrals to other agencies and organizations that provide employment and legal assistance
Why should I join the Title IV-D program?

The program will help you meet the medical and financial needs of your child(ren).

Who is eligible for Title IV-D Services?

Custodial parents, non-custodial parents, and legal guardians can apply for child support services regardless of their level of income.

How can I apply for services?

The Prosecutor’s Office can provide the Title IV-D Services to parents and legal guardians in need of services regardless of their income level.

TANF Recipients. If you are receiving TANF benefits, your case has already been referred to the Prosecutor’s Office for Title IV-D services.

MEDICAID Recipients. If your child is receiving Medicaid, you are entitled to receive Title IV-D Services free of charge. You will need to complete an application for services.

All Others. If you are not receiving TANF or MEDICAID benefits you may apply for Title IV-D services by paying a one-time fee of $25.00.

You may pick up an application for services at the Prosecutor’s Office, Child Support Division, located at 321 Main Street, Suite C in Rockport or print out the application online at

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