Bad Check Restitution Program


The Spencer County Bad Check Restitution Program is designed to assist honest individuals, merchants, and professionals in reducing losses from criminal check deception. The program allows merchants and the Prosecutor’s Office to each recover a $27.50 fee (this is the maximum fee permitted by statute) on top of the face amount of the check to help cover your expenses and our expenses in collecting the check.

From 2001 to 2009, over $100,000 involving more than 900 checks were collected for local merchants and individuals at no charge to them. In 2009, over $10,000 was collected in bad checks and fees while additional checks were collected through prosecution and deferral cases.

Those who wish to participate in this program must follow all guidelines and procedures to assist us in assisting you as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our office reserves the right to refuse any checks that are not accompanied by sufficient information as required.

Please take the time to review the guidelines and procedures that must be followed before submitting a check to the Bad Check Restitution Program.  You will find helpful information on this website to help you not only recover losses due to bad checks, but to prevent and reduce losses due to bad checks.   The required affidavit form is available here.

We welcome all individuals and entities to the program and we are confident that through cooperation and patience the Spencer County Bad Check Program will continue to be beneficial to our community.


Prosecuting Attorney