Bad Check Procedures

Procedures to follow after receiving a bad check:

Don’t Delay!  Never hold a returned check past sixty (60) days. The original check should be forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office as soon as possible.

Complete the Affidavit Form.  A printed or typed Bad Check Affidavit (Fill-In form version) must be completed for each bad check writer at the time a check is submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office. Multiple checks by one writer may be listed on one Bad Check Affidavit. The affidavit is now available as a printable fill-in form on our website. The affidavit with original signature can be either mailed or hand delivered to the office.

Include the Original Check.  The program requires that the original check(s) be held at the Prosecutor’s Office. Once payment is received from the bad check writer, the original check(s) will be released as record of payment. Always keep a photocopy of the check for your records.

DO NOT Accept Payments.  Never accept payment of any kind (full or partial) from the bad check writer once checks have been submitted to the Bad Check Restitution Program.  If a bad check writer attempts to make payment after a check is submitted, refer them to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Keep Good Records!  Keep a log of all checks submitted to the program for you records.